Circumcision: An Important and Irreversible Decision

Mind, Body, Green Article by Sarah Kamrath – “7 Reasons I Decided Not to Circumcise My Son”

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As a mother, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga teacher trainer, I find circumcision to be one of the biggest areas of conflict and confusion among parents-to-be.

When I became pregnant with our first child, a baby boy, it was a topic that quickly surfaced as something that needed deep attention and discussion between me and my husband.

I was thrilled to write about this subject, and honored to be featured on one of my favorite sites, Mind, Body, Green!  Please take a look at my article, “7 Reasons I Decided Not to Circumcise My Son”.

Your thoughts & opinions are welcome and much appreciated and please share this article with expectant parents who may not have thoroughly considered this decision.

Check out the full article here and I’d like to share this thought…

The penis seems like the last place a grown man would voluntarily lose anything.

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