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What I Wish Every Woman Would Hear During Her Pregnancy

Driven by a desire for all parents-to-be to hear inspiring, empowering, up-to-date, scientifically based information during their pregnancies, I decided to bring the wisdom and expertise of the world’s foremost experts directly to them. After becoming a mom, I became a filmmaker. A bit of background…read more here. 

#8aBelow are 10 of my favorite gems shared by the experts in the Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach DVD series. They are exactly what I wish for every woman and man to hear as they embark upon the adventure of becoming a parent.

1) “Nature’s pretty good. We shouldn’t be so critical.” – Ina May Gaskin, world-renowned midwife

2) “When a mother is carrying a child in her womb, if she is happy, her baby is happy because the same chemistry of emotions that affects the mother’s system crosses the placenta and affects the fetus.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton, internationally recognized leader in the new science of epigenetics

3) “Women’s bodies are superbly designed for giving birth!” – Dr. Sarah Buckley, family physician and acclaimed author

4) “I think women need to be taught how to trust themselves. Essentially, we need to unlearn everything we’ve learned about birth, in movies and in the horror stories we’ve heard, so that we can step out of our own way and let our bodies do what our bodies are actually fully prepared to do.” – Dr. Aviva Romm, midwife and Yale-trained MD

5) “Labor is designed to prepare you for the enormous job of motherhood. It is often hard but… read more here.

Circumcision: An Important and Irreversible Decision

Mind, Body, Green Article by Sarah Kamrath – “7 Reasons I Decided Not to Circumcise My Son”

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As a mother, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga teacher trainer, I find circumcision to be one of the biggest areas of conflict and confusion among parents-to-be.

When I became pregnant with our first child, a baby boy, it was a topic that quickly surfaced as something that needed deep attention and discussion between me and my husband.

I was thrilled to write about this subject, and honored to be featured on one of my favorite sites, Mind, Body, Green!  Please take a look at my article, “7 Reasons I Decided Not to Circumcise My Son”.

Your thoughts & opinions are welcome and much appreciated and please share this article with expectant parents who may not have thoroughly considered this decision.

Check out the full article here and I’d like to share this thought…

The penis seems like the last place a grown man would voluntarily lose anything.

A Conversation About A Holistic & Intuitive Approach To Pregnancy And Parenting

Fearless Parent Radio – On Yogi Parenting with Sarah Kamrath

“Don’t conform. Be courageous. Find your tribe. It is so much more fun!”

With seemingly infinite information floating around about pregnancy and parenthood – whether it is from your doctor, the Internet, or the random stranger at the grocery store – knowing what is best for you and your child can feel incredibly overwhelming.

In this hour radio show, I sat with host Dr. Kelly Brogan of Fearless Parent Radio to discuss the importance of learning to connect with your powerful intuition.  In today’s world, expectant parents are saturated with a dialogue surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting that is inherently fearful, and the truth is, for so many women, the current model is no longer working.

It is time to change the rhetoric and, rather than focus on fear, promote a trust within you that fosters peace and well-being. While your providers may have valuable information and offer guidance, the biggest gift you can give yourself, and your child, is to trust your inner wisdom.  Remind yourself that you have all the answers within, and to continue to connect back to your intuition. Trust yourself, trust your body, trust nature.

Dr. Brogan and I discuss several tools that help foster a deep connection to this inner wisdom. We hope you enjoy and please share this conversation with those who might benefit from the reminder that true power and peace come from looking inward, rather than outward, for what is best for you and your family! {Click to Listen}

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