Happy Healthy Child

Pregnant? Hoping to have children someday?

The Happy Healthy Child documentary series is a "must-see" for every parent-to-be and birth professional. Watch the world's leading experts in pregnancy, birth and early parenting share all the crucial information you need to ...

  • be confident that you know what's best for you and your baby – despite all the conflicting advice. 
  • steer clear of unwanted and unnecessary interventions.
  • avoid feeling fearful and anxious about your upcoming birth. 
  • use the knowledge you acquire to have the extraordinary pregnancy and birth you desire. 

"When you know better, you do better." 

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What People Are Saying... 

“Every pregnant woman and those who love her need to watch this amazingly beautiful and informative series! Happy Healthy Child is a beautifully made series that I highly recommend to EVERYONE who is interested in humankind.” 

Christiane Northrup, MD FACOG, best-selling author 

“Frankly, since I’d already given birth twice by the time I watched the series, I didn’t think I’d want to sit through it all, but I was riveted! This DVD childbirth education course is FULL of great information for those who are seeking a low-intervention birth. Getting the birth we want is never a guaranteed thing but we can totally stack the odds in our favor.” 

Heather Dessigner writer, researcher, Mommypotamus 

"A masterpiece! Happy Healthy Child is an "edu-tainment" journey and a compendium of wisdom. This film may be the most important act of self-empowerment you can engage in. There has never been a more important time in human history for women to awaken to their inborn power. Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood can be the most powerful initiation to self, but only if you have access to the truth. When you know better, you do better, so dive into this series—it's the best preparation I can imagine.

Kelly Brogan, MD NY Times best-selling author

"I am blown away. My wife and I loved watching this series when she was pregnant. You’ve really blessed the world with this work. I've told so many patients and others about your DVDs and website that it's now part of my 'business systems' for anyone that hasn't had children yet to purchase." 

Dr. Isaac Jones founder, Designer Health Solutions

“This series is life changing for first-time would-be parents like us. Not only have we completely changed our birth plan but it has been wonderful to see my husband (who won't read any books on the subject) completely engrossed and unbelievably supportive of giving our little one the most natural, peaceful entry into this world possible. I cannot recommend the DVDs enough.”

Aneta R. mom-to-be

 "If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any." 

This 4-part docu-series offers all the information and evidence-based research you need, to know your options – so that you can create an extraordinary birthing experience – and stop obsessing about all the things that could possibly go wrong.

The Happy Healthy Child series will help you ...

  • Feel confident – trusting nature's design for pregnancy, birth and early parenting. 
  • Be less susceptible to the pressure of other peoples' opinions.
  • Avoid some of the major pitfalls in modern maternity care.
  • Create an empowered vision for this special time in your life.

How is this different from the maternity class in your local hospital?

Throughout a maternity class, you'd hear the opinion of one, maybe two, birth professionals. Their goal is to teach you how to be a "good" patient during the birth. And, the emphasis is on showing you what interventions are recommended – NOT the path to an empowered birthing experience. 

This series offers you the latest scientific expertise and the wisdom from more than 30 world renowned professionals. Their goal is to help you rediscover and gain trust in yourself, your baby and nature's design for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Can't wait to hear their crucial insights?

Then buy this series and immerse yourself in 4+ hours of life-changing information – leaving you feeling confident about carrying, birthing and caring for THIS particular child. 

What's Inside The Series ...

Part I 

 Explore eye-opening research on the importance of caring for your baby BEFORE he or she is born. 

Pregnancy isn't a “grace period” before parenting begins. In fact, one of our experts describes it as “Nature’s Head-Start Program.” 

In this part, you'll learn ...

  • The key factor that can impact your child's happiness, health (and intelligence!) even before he or she is born – and how you can influence it.
  • Nature's design for every step of the way – by releasing a natural pain relieving hormone during birth fir example!
  • What commonly used synthetic hormone TRIPLES your chances of having a cesarean .

Sarah says ... My favorite part about this section is it reminds you that your pregnancy really is the best time to spoil yourself. It's a two-for-one deal! 

Part II 

All the info you need to help you make key decisions ... the who, where, and whys ... without second guessing yourself. 

Whether you are choosing a hospital birth, a home birth or maybe a birth center – and whether you want to go au naturel or get your epidural at the first sign of a contraction –this crucial information will help you feel great about your decisions.

In this part, you'll learn:

  • The most important questions to ask your provider and a big red flag to look out for.
  • How to decrease the length of your labor by 25% and your chances of having a cesarean by 50%! – using a scientifically proven way. 

Sarah says ... The people on your birth team will share one of the most significant moments of your life. Choose carefully!

Part III 

How to avoid some major pitfalls of modern maternity care and steer clear of unnecessary interventions.  

Discover the latest research on what's best for you and your baby – which might be very different from what's happening in many hospitals today.  

In this part, you'll learn:

  • The key factor contributing to skyrocketing cesarean section rates.  
  • What obsolete surgical procedure found to be damaging to a woman’s body is still frequently performed – and how to make sure it doesn't happen to you!

Sarah says ... Hoping for a low-intervention birth? Then don't miss the wisdom shared here. 

Part IV

Navigating early parenthood can feel overwhelming. Here's everything you need to know about how to take great care of yourself and your baby in the early weeks and months postpartum.

In this part, you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of setting realistic expectations about the postpartum period. 
  • Why letting your baby “cry-it-out” may be bad for his or her IQ! 
  • The common newborn procedure that has no medical benefits and can adversely affect your baby's health.

Sarah says ... When you've just become parents, you'll be flooded with well-intentioned recommendations. But in truth? Many of these might not be what's best for you and your baby. You deserve to know this!

The Ultimate Gift! 

Give yourself this gift 

We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve researched it all and put together the essentials. 

Let us simplify this busy time in your life and give your pregnant brain a much-needed rest. Sit back, relax, and cozy up on the couch while we bring the best doctors, scientists, and educators, directly to you.  

From the internationally acclaimed women’s health authority and OB/GYN, Dr. Christiane Northrup, to the world-famous midwife, Ina May Gaskin, to the preeminent pioneer in the new biology, Dr. Bruce Lipton, plus 30 additional leaders in their fields...you won’t find a line up of expertise like this anywhere else.  

Watch with your partner and loved ones—make sure you are on the same page with your wishes and desires. 

No more looming stacks of books on your bedside table. No more scouring the internet only to find more conflicting research.

For less than the cost of a handful of books, you’ll receive over four hours of the most critical information you need in order to step into your new role as a parent with confidence and joy. 

“I would honestly say that watching these videos will give you more relevant and empowering information than the childbirth education classes recommended to you by your hospital. 

You’ll find answers to questions that not many doctors and hospitals are answering, an attention to fact checking and an honest exploration of the choices we have when deciding to become pregnant, give birth and raise a child. These films are a must see.” 

Amazon customer

"Watching this anthology is like opening up a treasure chest full of knowledge. It will guide you toward a more conscious approach to pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Give this as a gift to anyone who is thinking of having children. Give yourself this gift! This series will be passed on for generations to come." 

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa world-renowned yoga guru

Give this gift to your friends and loved ones 

What's the best gift you can give a pregnant friend or someone you love? 

Do they really need another cute hat and bootie set for the baby? the diaper genie?!?

Instead, you can give them the gift of empowering, life-changing insights and wisdom designed to help them step into parenthood feeling confident and excited.

Which would you rather be remembered for :)

"The best baby shower present you can give anyone expecting a baby! High quality information, presented in a 'user friendly' manner. Even if you are well read in the subject, I'm sure you will find little gems of information here, from experts recognized around the world. A long term investment!" 

Eszter Bove

"I gave this as a gift to a friend and her husband who are expecting their first child. They told me it was the best gift they received and they have been watching it over and over. I wish I'd had all this valuable information when I was having my children." 

Amazon reviewer

The FAVORITE resource birth professionals share with their clients! 

Check out why birth workers are raving about this series. If you are an educator, OB/GYN, midwife, doula, etc., discover why your colleagues are choosing to share it with their clients...

 "This is one of the most comprehensive and time-efficient ways of gaining the vital and enlightening information required to nurture you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. It highlights how birth works when we don't interfere with it (and how it can go awry when we do) and educates as to the impact of birth choices, common birth interventions and early parenting choices. All the while, it guides you gently and with feeling towards the most nurturing choices for mother and baby. 

Backed up by science and research data, it makes a compelling case. The fact that the collection of renowned professionals interviewed include a number of OB/GYNs adds weight to the recommendations put forward. 

This is also a must see for birth professionals. It includes practitioners who show a lot of humility about having practiced for years to the detriment of women and their babies, simply by following common practices without questioning, until they knew better.

In short, unless you are very enlightened and have done a heck of a lot of the right reading, you are unlikely to make truly informed choices about birth and parenting without this, even for many birth professionals. Buy it, watch it, share it, recommend it!"

Rebecca Blech founder, Syntonic Birth

“As a childbirth educator, labor doula, prenatal yoga instructor, lactation specialist and La Leche League Leader, I am thrilled with this series! It is everything I want my clients to see, and saves me so much time and effort. Instead of providing documents, links and spending hours on instruction, couples can now hear it all from the best doctors, midwives and specialists in the field. The series is organized in a perfect way, offering just the right amount of information, without being overwhelming. It is entertaining, meaningful and tasteful. I have seen educational DVD's for four times the price which are not even half as good as this!” 

Romy Rapaport childbirth educator, doula, lactation specialist 

“Having practiced obstetrics from 1962 to 1981, I was witness to changing trends in labor and delivery management. I saw the section rates go from 4% to over 30% in my hospital. I also witnessed induction rates rise from rare to 80%. Your videos are outstanding and I hope all who see them listen. Your videos tell the truth and give practical advice on how to maximize the likelihood of a perfect result.”

Dr. Marvin Andersen, MD 

Own this "must-see" series for only $39.95! (You must use coupon code "MD" at checkout)

Enjoy 4+ hours of everything pregnancy, birth and early parenthood!

Each DVD is broken down in manageable 10-minute chapters, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule – taking in one topic at a time! 

PURCHASE (Streaming)

Unlimited Streaming 

(Personal Use)

Enjoy watching instantly on your computer, laptop, tablet, etc. No need to wait or pay for shipping and handling.

$39.95 When you use coupon code: MD at checkout

*A beautiful and empowering gift for all parents-to-be!

*Note: the login and password is for your use only and not to be shared with others.

Click here to purchase the streaming option for a friend or loved one.

Hello! My name is Sarah Kamrath...  

...filmmaker and producer of the Happy Healthy Child (HHC) series. I spent years creating this four-part docu-series to bring the wisdom, expertise and insights of the world’s leading experts directly to you! To inspire you…to educate you…to help you discover what is best for you and your baby. 

After witnessing firsthand how much garbage information is shoveled at parents-to-be, I had an idea. 

I traveled the world interviewing the top OB/GYNs, midwives, pediatricians, scientists, psychologists and more. I read their books, took their workshops, filmed in-depth interviews, gathered together the most crucial information, and compiled the gems into the HHC series.

I believe pregnancy and birth give you an opportunity, like nothing else in your life, to witness and truly step into your power as a woman. You grow an entire human being inside of your body and give him or her life. Top that men of the world out there ;)

Once you have gone through this process you know what you are capable of — you are capable of just about anything. 

It is unacceptable for a woman to be made to feel fearful or out of control during this time in her life. You deserve to feel excited and empowered; if you don’t, you're likely spending time in the wrong places with the wrong people.  

The majority of the experts in this series are conventionally trained MDs and practitioners and many have dedicated their lives to knowing more about their particular area of expertise than anyone. And not one these busy people, when asked to be part of this project, said no…that's how much they care about getting this life-changing information into your hands.

It's possible to have an awesome birth regardless of where and with whom you choose…there is no "right" or "wrong" way to birth.

That said, without having the right information and support, the odds can be stacked heavily against you. 

This is not a time in your life when you can turn everything over to someone else and hope for the best. You need to know all of your options; you need to make sure you have the best team of support in place; you need to know that your wishes will be honored. You need to prepare. 

Let this series help! 

Frequently asked questions

We decided that your peers who’ve already seen the series are the best source for answers to your questions … here's what they’ve been telling us.

Q: I’ve already signed up for a childbirth class at the hospital where I am having my baby. I don’t need both, right? 

“I am a doula and work with pregnant families and I would honestly say that watching these videos will give you more relevant and empowering information than the childbirth education classes recommended to you by your hospital. These documentaries are a fearless, enlightening examination of our culture's medical and societal relationship to birth. You'll find answers to questions not many doctors and hospitals are answering, an attention to fact checking, and an honest exploration of the choices we have when deciding to become pregnant, give birth, and raise a child.”Amazon customer review 

"My wife just bought this series and "made" me watch it with her. I actually have never written a review but I was so impressed with these four videos that I wanted to share a guy's point of view. Honestly, now I can't imagine trying to make it through my wife's birth being as clueless as I was before we watched them. We actually went to a hospital childbirth class and pretty much learned nothing about the info in them...I have gotten all the essentials and more."Brad Bechtel father 

Q: Do you think this series will be interesting enough to get my partner to watch with me? (see above) 

“This documentary was excellent!! Helpful, informative, encouraging, comforting and great for my husband and I to watch together. We learned soooooo much and feel so much more prepared! I would recommend it to everyone.”Krishan Shiva Khalsa 

“I just have to tell you, I am now watching your movies again (starting with disc 1) for the THIRD time. My husband has even watched most of them with me. They’re captivating. Honestly, I think they are flawless."Cynthia Overguard  

Q: Why not just read a book? 

“Happy Healthy Child is a fabulous resource. You would have to read 30+ books and attend many workshops for this kind of content.”Dr. Jill Graig

“I have read almost all of the books by the experts interviewed and wish I just could have watched this! It's an invaluable resource.”Nina M. 

"Filled with leaders and innovators in the field of prenatal care and childbirth, it bypasses the hundreds of hours of sifting through websites, books and magazines to find the gems.”Siri Chand 

Q: I’m not pregnant. Why would I be interested? 

“I wanted to share how deeply blown away I am by Happy Healthy Child. I am not even pregnant yet (just got married) and this movie, I know, is affecting me to my soul. I am already sharing it with friends and health practitioners all over the globe. I have sent your DVDs to so many people who say it's the best thing they have ever watched!”Sarah Goldberg 

“What a fantastic DVD set, perfect for EVERYONE, whether you are having a baby yourself or if you know somebody who is! When I received this set I watched all four hours on the same day. I met with a friend who is due to give birth next week and was able to help her write a very well-informed birth plan. I feel EMPOWERED sharing this information with all my expectant friends and family and they, in turn, feel empowered and confident knowing that they know what’s best for their baby! PRICELESS!”Jo 

“I immersed myself in this lovely series of DVDs this past weekend and was truly blessed! I have five grandchildren and will be sure to share this information with them when the time is right. In the meantime, I will share with friends and yoga students and all who need to know.”Sherry Berger 

“I opened the package and watched all 4 DVDs before giving them to the intended recipient: my step-daughter. I think it’s a FANTASTIC resource! There is so much valuable information there that I am thrilled to be able to gift it to a mom-to-be.”Stephanie Colony 

Q: I’ve already had a baby. I’ll probably know this already, right? 

“Since I’d already given birth twice by the time I watched the series, I didn’t think I’d want to sit through it all, but I was riveted!”Heather Dessigner 

“This DVD is a regular educational handout to all my mothers, whether it is their first pregnancy or tenth! Sincerely, appreciative midwife!”Veve Cobbs 


"Dear Sarah, I did it! Last Sunday I gave birth to our beautiful baby! It is my 4th child and I did it! I took my birth and power back! I gave birth at home, together with my partner, our baby and a wonderful midwife. It went smooth and easy — a wonderful birth in under 4 hours! I also was able to process sexual abuse and my three previous 'medical' births. Your DVDs helped me so much! I would like to share with you my gratitude for this beautiful work you did and this beautiful present I gave myself. I am still enjoying the last DVD concerning newborns and I enjoyed the rest up until the last evening before the birth :) Sarah, thank you so much for what I received from you and all the practitioners of your film! With Love, Virginie" 

Q: I just want a normal, routine hospital birth. Will this be a waste of my time and money? 

“Congratulations to all the parents to be who buy this set — especially those planning a hospital birth. This DVD gives you what you need to know: Straightforward, practical, life changing information.”Diana Paul  

“I thought this DVD was going to be really boring, but it was incredibly informative…It's definitely geared toward the holistic-minded, but anybody with an open mind who wants to be induced and given an epidural would greatly benefit from watching this video as well.”Roni L 

“I am pregnant and am so grateful to have these video tools as a guide. Typically, pregnancy is full of adjectives like fear and pain…I now am assured that my body knows how to give birth and that it is a normal event and not a medical procedure as many perceive it to be. I am confident now that I am equipped with these tools and feel, regardless of the outcome (natural birth or c-section), that I did my best and made the right decisions for me and my baby.”Amazon reviewer 

Q: I don’t have a DVD player. Can I still view the series? 

Yes. The series is available in two formats—DVD and streaming. You can purchase the beautifully packaged boxed 4-DVD set and it will be shipped directly to you or as a gift to a loved one or friend. Or, you can also purchase an unlimited streaming option which will allow you to watch instantly on your computer, laptop, tablet…no need to wait or pay for shipping and handling. There is a third option for educators that includes both the streaming and the boxed-set. See details below. 

 Q: I live in a different country. Will the format of the DVDs work and can they be shipped to me? 

Yes and yes! Shipping for the boxed set will be calculated at checkout. Or you may purchase the streaming option and your password will arrive in your inbox immediately upon purchasing. 

"Dear Sarah, I want to let you know that the DVDs made it through Spanish customs and arrived yesterday. Words cannot express how empowered and grateful they made us feel as first-time expectant parents! It's a huge counter-balance to so much information out there that is too focused on 'negative'/fearful aspects of pregnancy and birth. I am quite sure I will return to these DVDs over and over again during the next few months any time I need extra inspiration and will recommend them to anyone that crosses my way (including my uncle who is a gynecologist in Lithuania). Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this wonderful project come true! Love, Asta Rudzinskaite"

Q: I am a childbirth educator. Why would I need this? 

“Several months ago I bought the Happy Healthy Child DVDs. To be honest, as a CBE, I was expecting to pick up a few good things from it to incorporate into my classes and make a few handouts. The program is amazing though! It is so well done that I really want to show several sections of it in my classes and/or make it a prerequisite.”Mandi 

“I just finished watching the series for the second time. It has everything I've learned on my CAPPA programs for Childbirth Educator and Labor Doula and more. Hearing all these experts talking in such a unique way has been a great learning experience for me.”Teresita 

“Bradley teachers rave about this series!”Anonymous 

“I just received the set and I LOVE it! It is so well done! Definitely the best DVD collection for childbirth education I've ever come across! Certainly the most accurate and comprehensive!”Rebecca Urban 

"I have already shared segments of your beautiful films with the medical students in New Brunswick. The chapters created fabulous discussion and I was amazed at the receptivity of some of the students. One of the students is pregnant, and she came up to me after the presentation and asked where she could get a copy for herself to watch the full series. Another student was emphatic that this should be part of prenatal education for all pregnant women. Thank you again for this wonderful tool!"Dr. Jenn Hannigan, MD 

“These videos have made an absolutely priceless improvement in my classes! Having such wonderful insights from experts like Ina May, Dr. Buckley, Dr. Romm, etc. to reinforce what we are saying or can't say without being negative about our clients' provider's standard of care is invaluable...Thank you for creating such an excellent program!"Ashley 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlike your newborn, you can give us back the series if you're not happy with it for any reason ;) 

I truly believe that this series will be one of the best investments you can make in your growing family's happiness and health.

If for any reason, this series is not for you, you're welcome to send it back; we will provide you with a 100%, risk-free, money back guarantee!

Can't wait to have the pregnancy and birth of your dreams?


Own this "must-see" series for only $39.95! (Use coupon code "MD" at checkout)

Enjoy 4+ hours of everything pregnancy, birth and early parenthood! 

Each DVD is broken down in manageable 10-minute chapters, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule – taking in one topic at a time! 

Boxed 4-DVD Set

(Amazon Prime)

Own this beautifully packaged 4-disc set - shipped directly to you (or a loved one as a gift!*)


Unlimited Streaming 

(Use coupon code "MD" to purchase streaming option for only $39.95 ) 

Enjoy watching instantly on your computer, laptop, tablet, etc. No need to wait or pay for shipping and handling.


*A beautiful and empowering gift for all parents-to-be!

*Note: the login and password is for your use only and not to be shared with others.


Please share with friends, family, clients, in groups, on social media…we are deeply grateful for your help in spreading the word. We believe that ALL women deserve for their pregnancy, birth and early parenting experiences to be truly extraordinary! We sincerely trust that this series will help! 

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