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A few Amazon Reviews:

“This video series is absolutely amazing!!! I am a holistic pediatrician and from a medical standpoint, they are so informative. No other video series provides this! I would recommend this to all my patients.”

“The BEST gift for expectant parents! I gave this as a gift to a friend and her husband who are expecting their first child. They told me it was the best gift they received and they have been watching it over and over. I wish I’d had all of this valuable information when I was having my children.”

“I am so impressed with this DVD set. The producer dotted her i’s and crossed her t’s for sure. Each DVD topic is what is on the minds of today’s expectant parents.”

“My wife just bought this series and “made” me watch it with her. I actually have never written a review but I was so impressed with these four videos that I wanted to share a guy’s point of view. I would totally recommend this to all of my friends. Dads, you too!”

“An amazing preparation for a natural birth!!!! The best baby shower present you can give yourself or anyone else expecting a baby! High quality information, presented in a ‘user friendly’ manner. Even if you are well read in the subject, I’m sure you will find little gems of information here, from experts recognized around the world. A long term investment. Enjoy!”

“These vidoes are simply amazing! It’s such an incredible work of a filmmaker to gather all this valuable information in such a beautiful and compact way. Each and every family planning to have a baby SHOULD watch it. We often think we know enough… This childbirth education series is perfectly designed to teach you what you may have had no idea about. Nothing will be the same after you watch it. And it’s worth every penny. I cannot imagine a more beautiful gift to expecting parents!”

“Thought this DVD was going to be really boring, but it was incredibly informative. The different speakers really went in depth and helped to solidify my decision. It’s definitely geared toward the holistic-minded, but anybody with an open mind would greatly benefit from watching this video as well.”

“I am a birth educator and I watch a lot of birth videos as part of my continuing education and so I can recommend resources to the parents of my classes. I absolutely LOVED this video series. Not only are the content and the interviewees amazing, but it is presented from a very heartfelt place. I cried at the end of some of the videos. I think these videos present information in a very riveting way, covering topics from pregnancy, birth and life with a young child. They are comprehensive and will have any parent hooked.”

Part I:
Happy Healthy Pregnancy Trusting Your Powerful Intuition

  • Chapter 1 Caring for Your Baby in Your Womb
  • Chapter 2 Happy Healthy Mother = Happy Healthy Baby
  • Chapter 3 Eating for Two – Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 4 Preparing for Your Labor and Birth
  • Chapter 5 Understanding the Birth Process
  • Chapter 6 The Hormones of Undisturbed Birth

Part II:
Happy Healthy Birth Creating Your Ideal Birth

  • Chapter 1 Building Your Birth Team – Midwives & OB/GYNs
  • Chapter 2 Doula Support
  • Chapter 3 Choosing Your Place to Birth
  • Chapter 4 Managing the Intensity of Labor

Part III:
Happy Healthy Birth Cont.
Common Interventions – Reasons & Research

  • Chapter 1 What is the Due Date?
  • Chapter 2 Elective Labor Induction
  • Chapter 3 Ruptured Membranes & Internal Exams
  • Chapter 4 Electronic Fetal Monitoring
  • Chapter 5 Epidural Analgesia
  • Chapter 6 Cesarean Section
  • Chapter 7 Routine Episiotomy
  • Chapter 8 Immediate Cord Clamping at Birth

Part IV:
Happy Healthy Baby Birth of the Mother

  • Chapter 1 Initial Bonding at Birth
  • Chapter 2 Early Weeks as a New Parent
  • Chapter 3 Nurturing Your Baby
  • Chapter 4 Breastfeeding
  • Chapter 5 Infant Sleep
  • Chapter 6 Circumcision