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What I Wish Every Woman Would Hear During Her Pregnancy

Driven by a desire for all parents-to-be to hear inspiring, empowering, up-to-date, scientifically based information during their pregnancies, I decided to bring the wisdom and expertise of the world’s foremost experts directly to them. After becoming a mom, I became a filmmaker. A bit of background…read more here. 

#8aBelow are 10 of my favorite gems shared by the experts in the Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach DVD series. They are exactly what I wish for every woman and man to hear as they embark upon the adventure of becoming a parent.

1) “Nature’s pretty good. We shouldn’t be so critical.” – Ina May Gaskin, world-renowned midwife

2) “When a mother is carrying a child in her womb, if she is happy, her baby is happy because the same chemistry of emotions that affects the mother’s system crosses the placenta and affects the fetus.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton, internationally recognized leader in the new science of epigenetics

3) “Women’s bodies are superbly designed for giving birth!” – Dr. Sarah Buckley, family physician and acclaimed author

4) “I think women need to be taught how to trust themselves. Essentially, we need to unlearn everything we’ve learned about birth, in movies and in the horror stories we’ve heard, so that we can step out of our own way and let our bodies do what our bodies are actually fully prepared to do.” – Dr. Aviva Romm, midwife and Yale-trained MD

5) “Labor is designed to prepare you for the enormous job of motherhood. It is often hard but… read more here.