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Learn how to achieve your ideal pregnancy and birth …
and how to care for your new baby. This four-disc DVD
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than 30 world-renowned experts directly to you.
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About the Videos

The Happy Healthy Child series provides the practical information and current scientific research you need in order to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience. Eliminate underlying fears and anxieties; avoid unnecessary and unwanted interventions and feel confident and ready for this wonderful time in your life.

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Meet the HHC Experts

Learn from top OB/GYNs, midwives, pediatricians, scientists, childbirth educators, doulas, anthropologists, sleep experts, and lactation specialists. Today most expectant parents are not taking childbirth classes for various reasons (location, economic, scheduling factors). Let us bring the best teachers and the best information straight to you!

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Rave Reviews

Happy Healthy Child is a beautifully made series that I highly recommend to EVERYONE who is interested in humankind. Every pregnant woman and those who love her need to watch this amazingly beautiful and informative series!” Christiane Northrup, M.D., FACOG, best-selling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

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If you are pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, have children, or work in any capacity with expectant parents, the Happy Healthy Child series will be an invaluable resource.

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Here’s what you will learn in these excerpts:

  • The #1 way to avoid a cesarean section.
  • The best tip for a quicker, easier labor.
  • The key to keeping your newborn in optimal health.

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Happy Healthy Child

What our customers say:

“This series is spectacular!”
– Jeanne Ohm (Editor-in-Chief, Pathways to Family Wellness magazine)

“We are LOVING these DVDs – they are life changing for first-time would-be parents like us. Not only have we completely changed our birth plan but it has been wonderful to see my husband (who won’t read any books on the subject) completely engrossed and unbelievably supportive of giving our little one the most natural, peaceful entry into this world possible. I cannot recommend the DVDs enough.”
– Aneta R. (Mom-to-be)

“I have seen educational DVD’s for four times the price which are not even half as good as this! As a childbirth educator, labor doula, prenatal yoga instructor, lactation specialist and La Leche League leader, I am thrilled with this series! It is everything I want my clients to see, and saves me so much time and effort. Instead of providing documents, links and spending hours on instruction, couples can now hear it all from the best doctors, midwives and specialists in the field. The series is organized in a perfect way, offering just the right amount of information, without being overwhelming. It is entertaining, meaningful and tasteful.”
– Romy Rapoport (Childbirth Educator/Doula)

“Frankly, since I’d already given birth twice by the time I watched the series, I didn’t think I’d want to sit through it all, but I was riveted! This DVD childbirth education course is FULL of good information for those who are seeing a low-intervention birth. Getting the birth we want is never a guaranteed thing but we can totally stack the odds in our favor.”
– Heather Dessinger (Writer, researcher; Mommypotamus blog)

“Happy Healthy Child is a fabulous resource. You would have to read 30+ books and attend many workshops for this kind of content. This series is great for parents who do not have access to holistic childbirth classes. It is also a good way to involve your spouse without expecting them to do tons of reading. This would make a perfect baby shower gift.”
– Dr. Jill Craig (Chiropractor)

“I was so impressed with these four videos that I wanted to share a guy’s point of view. Honestly, now I can’t imagine trying to make it through my wife’s birth being as clueless as I was before we watched them. We actually went to a hospital childbirth class and pretty much learned nothing about the information in them. After watching, my wife decided that she wants to try for a natural birth. We also decided that we definitely want to have a doula there for support. The information on breastfeeding was fascinating. I would totally recommend this to all of my friends. Dads, you too!”
– Brad B. (Dad)

“This video series is absolutely amazing! From a medical standpoint, it is so informative and provides a wonderful array of practitioners. No other video series compares! I would recommend this to all of my patients.”
– Diana Lopusny (Pediatrician)

“Listen to your heart. To your baby. And then decide what’s right for you. That’s one of the important messages I got from this series. After watching this series, you can feel confident that you did some really thorough research. For the sake of your baby’s happiness…for the sake of the human race, purchase and share this with as many moms and dads to be as you can.”
– Twee M. (Mom)

“The subjects covered in this series of DVDs is a midwife’s dream come true! Very informative, educational, supports wellness in pregnancy and beyond and debunks the myths people have been lead to believe in for so long with regards to pregnancy and childbirth. We live in a culture that has completely stripped the woman’s power away from her and left her believing that she is incapable of carrying and/or birthing her child without a barrage of medical interventions. This DVD is a regular educational handout to all my mothers, whether it is their first pregnancy or tenth! Sincerely, appreciative midwife!”
– Veve Cobb (Midwife)

“Stunningly well done!”
– Anna Verwaal (RN, Doula trainer)

“The BEST gift for expectant parents! I gave this as a gift to a friend and her husband who are expecting their first child. They told me it was the best gift they received and they have been watching it over and over. I wish I’d had all of this valuable information when I was having my children!”